Silica Gel Desiccant

About Us

About us

Sorbead India’s desiccants and adsorbents product are come in multitude compounds and features, always ranked in the demand of moisture absorbing industry.

Silica gel is made from sodium silicate, having very strong adsorbing quality because silica gel is more solid than other adsorbers. However, silica gel is having a high surface area around 800m2/g allows water adsorbs readily when the temperature near or high than 40 degree Celsius.Silica gel is either the beaded or crystalizes form of sodium silicate which is solid than other adsorbents and can adsorb water molecules. Silica gel is also used to dry the air in industrial compressed, heated and heatless air systems, also use for catalyst carrier. It absorbs moisture from the air and gases, preventing damage of industrial air due to moisture or condensation.

A micro pored, non-toxic, DMF free and organic type silica gel, which doesn't have any side effects on food and pharmaceutical and has excellent reusable properties which make them very cost-effective for long term usable. The packaging material is safe from moisture for a long time, because of silica gel is hydrosorbent and more effective on dehydrated food products which can be reactivated also for reuse of silica gel packets.

Sorbead India is the specialist in manufacturing of silica gel desiccant. We are the supplier of silica gel blue, white and orange beads and crystals for the moisture-absorbing process from industrial air, gases and any type of products packaging. With the free sample of our desiccant products and get the fastest moisture absorption results. Our silica gel available in Blue, White and Orange type in beaded and granular foam.