Pros & Cons of Crystal Silica Cat Litter In Comparison To Traditional Options
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  • 04-12-2023

Pros & Cons of Crystal Silica Cat Litter In Comparison To Traditional Options

When you want to buy good quality cat litter for your pet and home, you need to consider buying the best adsorbent material that can last you for longer times, is reusable, and is safe to use with pets. Crystal silica gel cat litter is a type of cat litter made from silica gel, a porous material that is highly absorbent.

When urine comes into contact with the crystals, it is quickly absorbed and trapped within the numerous pores present in the material, preventing the spread of odors and dampness. Thus using crystal silica gel for your cat litter box is a popular choice for cat owners who are looking for an effective way to control litter box odor, and make their cat comfortable to use it.

Crystal silica gel is one of the most popular brands of cat litter due to its ability to effectively control the odor in the litter box. Not only is it effective in controlling the odor, but it is also very easy to clean and produces very low dust, thus can be used by cat owners with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. Overall, crystal silica gel cat litter is a convenient and effective option for cat owners who are looking for high-quality litter box material that will keep their home smelling fresh.

Quick View- Pros & cons of crystal silica cat litter

Pros of Crystal Silica Cat Litter

Cons of Crystal Silica Cat Litter

  • Highly adsorbent material
  • Non-toxic and inert in nature
  • Great odor and dampness control
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Almost dust-free material
  • May not be environment-friendly
  • Relatively expensive than traditional varieties
  • May be harmful if ingested/inhaled
  • Becomes saturated faster

Pros of using crystal silica cat litter

Let us see what are some of the pros of using crystal silica gel litter, and why you should use this material for your pets.

Highly adsorbent material

Silica gel is unique in that it has a porous structure, where each particle of silica gel can absorb as much as 40% of its mass in liquid at one time, thus showing how highly adsorbent the material really is. Silica gel also has a long shelf life and does a great job of drying out feces, which helps with odor control.

Can greatly adsorb dampness and odor

The ability to control and neutralize odors is one of the most well-known features of crystal silica cat litter. The silica gel beads are highly absorbent, trapping and neutralizing odorous molecules effectively. This means that your cat’s litter box will smell fresher for longer than some other cat litter options. This is a major benefit for cat owners looking for a way to reduce odors in their homes in comparison to when they use general traditional litter material options.

Lightweight in nature, and easy to use and handle

One of the advantages and key characteristics of crystal silica is that it’s very easy to handle. It is much easier to pour, scoop, and clean from your cat’s litter box because it is in crystal form. The material is also lightweight in nature, thus also easy to store, package, use, and maintain.

Produces minimal dust when in use

One of the best things about crystal silica litter is that it doesn’t produce as much dust as most other cat litter. Unlike clay cat litter, which can produce fine dust particles in the air, silica gels produce very little dust in the air. Not only does this make your home cleaner, but it’s also great for people who have respiratory issues or allergies.

Non-toxic and safe for use

Because Crystal silica gel litter contains non-toxic ingredients, it is safe for use with pets and also does not cause any health problems. It is widely used with cat litter boxes due to its inert and non-toxic nature.

Cons of using crystal silica cat litter

Though there are numerous advantages and benefits of using crystal silica gel cat litter for your pet, there are also some drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

Relatively expensive option

Typically, crystal silica gel litter costs more than clay litter. The reason for this is that silica gel is mined and processed more intensively than clay. This means that the cost of mining and processing silica gel is higher, resulting in a higher final product price, which may be something to consider when buying a suitable material for your cat litter box.

Non-biodegradable material

Crystal silica cat litter is non-biodegradable, which can be a concern for cat owners who are relatively environmentally conscious and are looking for natural and biodegradable options to use for their needs. The silica gel beads do not break down over time, which leads to long-term waste accumulation and difficulty for disposal.

Unlikeable texture by some cats

Some cats may not like the texture of crystalline silica beads compared to other litter options that may be softer and supple in texture. Some cats are sensitive to texture changes under their paws and may not like the less natural silica gel feel that they may get with the crystal option. This can cause some cats to hesitate and aversion to use the litter box especially if they have a strong texture preference.

They may also create a trail or track with the crystals getting stuck in their paws making a mess in your home, and the abrasive texture of the crystals could lead to scratches or abrasions if cats dig or walk too vigorously in the litter box.

How to choose the right crystal silica cat litter?

  • Cats have a much stronger sense of smell, so it is best to buy unscented cat litter for your cat's litter box, as scented litter can be very unpleasant for your cat.
  •  You check to ensure that the crystal litter has no added fragrances or colors, as this may avert the cat’s liking and may also cause harm.
  • Make sure the texture of the crystal silica gel cat litter is fine and has even-shaped crystals, so it doesn't hurt your cat's paws and is safe to use.
  • You need to source your crystal silica cat litter from a trusted and established manufacturer to make sure you are getting, high-quality products, and that it will last you for longer periods of time.
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