Silica Gel Breather Transformers for Power Generation Companies
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  • 16-09-2022

Silica Gel Breather Transformers for Power Generation Companies

The development of moisture can adversely affect the electrical types of equipment and their functioning in the long run. However, it becomes more than essential to control the moisture level in power plants and prevent it from entering the equipment. 

Silica gel is used as a drying solution to achieve the desired results in breather transformers, and it protects the oil in the transformer against the damaging effects of moisture.

How does a transformer work?

A transformer is a piece of electrical equipment used to increase or decrease voltage levels. It is attached to the conservator tank to accommodate the expansion of oil in the transformer. When it is loaded, the increased temperature increases the volume of the oil inside the transformer. The conservator tank contains the vacant space, which is filled with air from the atmosphere. The oil coming to the conservator during the overloading of the transformer is likely to get mixed with the moisture present in the air. Thus, reducing the efficiency of the transformer becomes essential. 

A breather is used in the transformer, which helps filter out moisture from the air. 

Silica gel beads

The breather consists of silica gel crystals and beads, which are an effective desiccant and work well even at high temperatures. A silica gel breather is usually fitted with the conservator tank, which is connected to the oil-filled transformers and absorbs moisture during breathing.

How does a transformer breather work?

A transformer breather works to ensure the right amount of moisture enters the conservator tank while the cooling medium undergoes volume changes. The breathers help keep the air free from moisture and humidity. This will help to enhance the transformer's performance.

Work of a breather in transformer:

The breather is generally mounted on the transformer tank, which contains silica gel that extracts all the moisture from the air. When the transformers are in service, the changes in the oil volume are regular. Sometimes, air displacement due to the changes in the oil volume takes through the breather. Thus, the breather extracts all the moisture from the air that might have entered the transformer oil. 

The transformer oil has considerable thermal expansion. It is observed that the under-increasing load, the temperature rises and the oil expands. However, it is advised to keep the oil's temperature level at some distance below the top cover to provide space for oil expansion under high temperatures.  

Work of Conservator in Transformer:

A conservator is a small metal drum located on the top cover or, in some cases, supported on the sidewall. The main tank is filled with oil. Whereas the conservator is only half filled. A pipe that connects the conservator and main tank takes up the expansion and contraction of oil under variation of load. Therefore, the oil inside the main tank will not be exposed to air and will remain moisture-free. 

The conservator oil is made moisture-free by passing it through a breather device. The device incorporates a dry agent known as silica gel. The silica gel is meant to be an excellent moisture absorber, which absorbs moisture from air and oil seal to remove the mechanical impurities from the air. 

Types of transformer breathers:

  • Transformer Breather Acrylic Body with Oil Cup
  • Transformer Breather with metallic body
  • Transformer Breather - Clear View with Oil Cup
  • Transformer Breather- Clear View with Flange
  • Fume Desiccant Breather for Acid Tank
  • Hydraulic Breather

Features of Silica Gel Breathers

  • High adsorption capacity - up to 40% of its weight
  • High efficiency
  • It can be purged to remove water; once saturated
  • Can be reused
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily available
  • Safe to use
  • Leaves no chemical residue
  • Non-flammable
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Inert property - will not corrode or disrupt the medium
  • High shelf life

Propose of silica gel breather in a transformer:

Silica gel for transformers is excellent for power-generating companies as it provides cost-effective methods of controlling moisture levels in the transformers. 

As soon as the silica gel breather is installed, the silica gel crystals or beads colour is blue, and after some time, the blue colour changes to pink. The change in colour means that the silica gel has saturated, and now the breather needs to be changed. 

Sorbead India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Silica Gel breather for Transformers.

Silica Gel Breather for Transformer

The Silica Gel Breather Transformer is of supreme quality, effectively improving the transformer's function. Moreover, it provides silica gel with various specifications and sizes to fulfill different needs of industrial clients.

Manufacture silica gel in the form of crystals and beads. They are divided into two types:

Indicating and Non-Indicating. Blue & Orange Silica Gel crystals or beads are the indicating ones. White silica gel is the non-indicating one.

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