What is silica gel?
Silica gel is a one type of desiccant and adsorbent for moisture absorbers, it us a porous, beaded and granular material made from sodium silicate. It’s having the highest adsorbent ability from the other desiccants. Silica gel holds moisture and condensation. This desiccant is inert, non-toxic, DMF free, non-flammable and safe to protect food and pharmaceutical products.
How to use Silica Gel?
The hydrosorbent silica gel removes moisture from packaging and to keep dry. Silica gel use to keep with packaging container to protect from moisture from the surrounding air, when silica gel fully absorb moisture its color change blue to light pink, at that time gel require to reactivation fir reusing.
What size of silica gel packets are use at the time of packaging?
Sorbead India provides silica gel litter packets the size of 1 gram 2 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 25 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram. The size of packets are depends up on the packaging container dimension and its void space, product density and its quality, whether packaging container is box or bags. These all points are noted at the time of selective packets.
How long do the Silica Gel Dehumidifiers last?
The hydrosorbent silica gel first built in the blue indicator when it absorb moisture than its color change blue to light pink and then after silica gel need for reactivation for lifetime defense.
How can silica gel protect packaging products?
Silica gel is absorbs fully moisture effetely from packaging products, it is non-toxic and DMF free desiccant, therefore it can put with food and pharma products, to keep safe form moisture, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, odor and spoilage. Moisture absorbing silica gel little packets are put with food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, clothes, books, flowers, photographs, etc. to protect from moisture and keep packaging products dry.
How long silica gel protect packaging product from moisture?
The packaging product protecting from moisture with the use of silica gel is depends upon its packaging area and the amount of “new” amount of air existing in packaging box. If the packaging container is not sealed tightly, it will affect the length of silica gel packets life until reactivation is needed. When silica gel is particular use for Dehumidifier Process in a certain area, it may quickly absorb moisture and dampness to maintain dry condition.