For Drying Flower

Moisture absorbers eliminate to increase moisture in the environment and prevent damage effects affected by moisture.

To solve this problem, the high capability of moisture absorbers are available to prevent the unpleasant odor; mold & mildew which are frequently growing damp areas caused by moisture. Silica gel is one of the best moisture absorber, those packets which contain silica gel beads, prevent moisture from any type of enclosed space. Silica gel moisture absorber is widely used today with its unique properties that can be exploited for moisture absorption purposes.

Silica gel is made from sodium silicate, having very strong adsorbing quality because silica gel is more solid than other adsorbers. However, silica gel is having a high surface area around 800m2/g allows water adsorbs readily when the temperature near or high than 40 degree Celsius.

A micro pored, non-toxic, DMF free, and organic type silica gel, which doesn't have any side effects on food and pharmaceutical and has

excellent reusable properties which make them cost-effective for long term usable. The packaging material is safe from moisture for a long time, because of silica gel is hydro sorbent and more effective on dehydrated food products which can be reactivated also for reuse of silica gel packets.

Silica Gel for Flower Drying

To dry a fresh flower in your microwave you need to have a large microwave glass jar, a glass container, and finally silica gel. Then wait for the silica gel to completely cool. The container space should be wide; so that the flowers will not touch the container side. Silica gel is shifted over tops of flowers until they are covered.