Silica Gel CrystalsSilica gel is the granular and porous from silicon dioxide which is made from sodium silicate. The granular foam of silica gel is hard and solid, available in blue and white color for many moisture and water drying industrial applications. Sorbead India is the manufacturer of silica gel blue and white crystals to get the best moisture adsorption results. Get silica gel crystals with free samples.
Description Silica Gel Blue Silica Gel Orange Silica Gel White
Shape Irregular or Spherical Spherical Beads Irregular or Spherical
Adsorption Capacity (%) 35-40 RH 20 % – 9
RH 50 % – 22
38-40 wt.%
Type Indicating Indicating Non-Indicating
Chemical Formula SiO2+H2O+CoCl2 SiO2 + H2O + C25H30ClN3 SiO2+H2O
Color Change Blue to Pink Orange to Dark Green No change
Color Variation RH=50% Light Red
  • Silica gel dehumidification process
  • Water and moisture drying
  • Breather transformer applications
  • Chemical adsorption process
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