How to Use Silica Gel as Moisture Absorber?
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 07-11-2019

How to Use Silica Gel as Moisture Absorber?

Material that has a capacity of absorbing moisture from a closed environment is called a Moisture Absorber Material. Absorbing moisture is only possible by the absorber made or synthesized from chemicals, which have a tendency of attracting or suspending the water molecules in between them based on the hygroscopic phenomenon. Silica is such a moisture absorber Chemical which is synthesized by sol-gel polymerization under hydrolytic conditions using either acid or base catalyst. Thus, synthesized moisture absorber Silica gel desiccants resemble both the solid phase and the liquid phase which on condensation forms the nanoparticles with an average pore size of 2.4 nanometers.

Absorption of moisture is being considered as one of the major aspects of concern these days, as it leads to deterioration of food products, Textiles, Leather items, electronic items, art objects, and many more commercial products. Moisture plays an important role in ruining the quality of the product and thereby leads to hazardous situations if it gets adverse.  Therefore, the crucial step of removing moisture from the surroundings of the items which are of utmost importance packed in containers or boxes is better achieved by Moisture absorbers such as Silica Gel which is non-toxic and non-flammable. Moisture absorber Silica is available in either beaded form or powder form in packets called the moisture absorber sachets available in different sizes and with a weight ranging from 5gms to 100gms.

Know About Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

These sachets containing Silica gel in bead form are available in colors such as white, blue and orange in order to indicate the saturation level of the Silica gel in sachets. Doping of indicators such as methyl orange and cobalt chloride is mainly done to identify the anhydrous state and hydrous state of Silica gel. The change in color of the Silica gel beads in the sachets indicates the time for regeneration. Since Silica gels have infinite life because of their ability to absorb and desorb moisture they have found a way in various applications related to daily life. These sachets are also available as a food-grade for example; as anti-caking agents and even in medicine bottles as there is no need for approval from the FDA for a 2 percent concentration of Silica Gel.

Moisture level increases with an increase in relative humidity and temperature in the surroundings. As the relative humidity changes, the material or the product containing moisture gets adjusted to the new relative humidity to create an equilibrium and as a result the moisture level increases and thereby leading to either chemical deterioration or Biological deterioration or mechanical deterioration.  Chemical deterioration is due to the reaction of chemicals with the increased level of moisture leading to oxidation reactions which change the quality of the product and show adverse effects, for example, packed Medicines and Injections. Biological deterioration is due to the growth of mould which is optimum and grows rapidly on increase in moisture levels in the surrounding environment and evidently appears within 2 days, for examples such as Leather items and Leather shoes.

Mechanical deterioration is observed in metals, Cellulose insulation due to the increase in moisture levels in the surrounding atmosphere leading to changes in size and shape. On the other hand, Chemical and Biological deteriorations can be prevented by the use of Moisture Absorber Silica Gel available in sachets with indicators. Consequently, in India, the relative humidity is always said to be high, because of which moist and dry conditions prevail throughout the country. Therefore to meet such a difference in humidity levels and in safeguarding the products on exposure to moisture is possible only by containing the Absorbent –Silica gel.  They have an absorption capacity of 40 percent of their weight as they are sealed in packets or bags made of non-woven cloth called sachets which allow the penetration of moisture thereby, making the gel beads to absorb the moisture at a faster rate. Each and every sachet bears a warning DO NOT EAT and specifications embedded in them.

Silica gel Desiccants

As it causes no damage to electronic components or goods externally and internally, they are used during the package of electronic components, so that with slight increase in relative humidity in a closed container for a prolonged time gives rise to the moisture levels in the container, which can be suppressed by the absorbent sachets placed inside. These sachets are available in various packs such as Unit pack, Pillow Pak with a characteristic feature of absorption of the odour along with the moisture when blended with other absorbents such as activated carbon and activated charcoal. Sorbead India is the best in supplying the products that absorb moisture and is rendered in delivering the Absorbents according to the specifications and Dimensions meeting both Small scale as well as Large-scale requirements.

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