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Sorbchem India’s desiccants and adsorbents product have come in multitude compounds and features, always ranked in the demand of the moisture-absorbing industry.
Our products lead in food safety, pharmaceuticals, electronics, transportation, textile and many other industries with effective moisture solutions with our cutting edge technology. We provide ozone hygiene, atmospheric packaging, odor and moisture control solutions with providing the highest quality products and superior customer service. Sorbchem India is primarily involved in the silica gel manufacturing process. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company founded in 1996, produced the high-quality material of silica gel beads and crystals and supplying across to India and other countries for notified industrial moisture drying applications. These desiccants provide total protection against moisture.

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    ISO Certified

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Indicating Silica gel Beads & Crystal

Indicating Silica gel Beads & Crystal

Our Indicating Silica Gel bags provide a reliable solution for moisture control. The color-changing beads switch from orange to green, blue to pink giving a clear signal when it's time for replacement. These versatile bags are suitable for use in food storage, electronics, toolboxes, and more, effectively keeping your items dry and protected.

Non-Indicating Silica gel Beads & Crystal

Non-indicating Silica gel Beads & Crystal

Our moisture-absorbing beads and crystals offer powerful protection without a color-changing indicator. Perfect for applications where visual monitoring is not required, they effectively eliminate excess humidity and safeguard your belongings from moisture damage. Trust our non-indicating silica gel for reliable and discreet moisture control.

Silica gel Breather

Silica gel Breather

Our high-quality silica gel breathers provide efficient moisture control for electrical equipment. Designed to prevent moisture ingress, these breathers extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensure reliable performance. Trust our silica gel breathers to keep your electrical systems dry and protected, even in challenging environments.

Silica Gel Dehumidifier

Silica gel packets

Silica gel packets that can be used to protect products from moisture. Moisture is a serious maltreater that can cause irreversible damage to goods and commodities. Silica gel packets are available in two forms- indicating and non-indicating silica gel. Though they are available in various colours, the most common ones are white, blue and orange. Sorbipaks are widely available in granular or beaded forms for various purposes.

Silica gel for Chromatography

Silica gel for Chromatography

Our Silica Gel for Column Chromatography has been tested, approved, and used by several industries and organizations like pharmaceutical companies, biotech, life-science companies, Chemical Companies, and herbal extract chemicals. The mesh sizes we offer are Silica Gel 30-60 Mesh, Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh, Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh, Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh, Silica Gel 70-230 Mesh, Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh, Silica Gel 230-400 Mesh, Silica Gel 400-600 Mesh.


We Supply Silica Gel to the Following Industries

Chemical Industries for silica gel desiccants

Chemical Industries

 Steel Industries for silica gel desiccants

Steel Industries

Aerosol Industries  for silica gel desiccants

Aerosol Industries

Food Industries  for silica gel desiccants

Food Industries

Seeds & flower Drying  for silica gel desiccants

Seeds & flower Drying

LNG Industry for silica gel desiccants

LNG Industry

Transformer Manufactures for silica gel desiccants

Transformer Manufactures

Automotive Industry for silica gel desiccants

Automotive Industry

Petrochemicals Industry for silica gel desiccants

Petrochemicals Industry

Hearing Aids Industries for silica gel desiccants

Hearing Aids Industries


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