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Sorbead India’s desiccants and adsorbents product are come in multitude compounds and features, always ranked in the demand of moisture absorbing industry. Our products are leading from the food safety, pharmaceuticals, electronics, transportation, textile and many other industries with effective moisture solutions with our cutting edge technology. We provide an ozone hygiene, atmospheric packaging, odor and moisture control solutions with providing the highest quality products and superior customer service.
Sorbead is primarily involved in to silica gel manufacturing process. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company founded in 1996, produced the high quality material of silica gel beads and crystals and supplying across to India and other countries for notified industrial moisture drying applications. These desiccants provide total protection against moisture.
With our extensive experience in moisture absorbing process in massive industrial assignments. Our moisture absorber silica gel blue, white and orange beads, crystals as well as non-indicating and indicating type packets which are FDA approved, non-toxic and food grade packets for moisture absorbing in food and pharmaceutical packets. We always ready to help our customers for specific adsorption requirements and protect your packaging products and other industrial applications.

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