How To Use Silica Gel For Drying Flowers Effectively?
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 03-11-2023

How To Use Silica Gel For Drying Flowers Effectively?

If you want to effectively preserve and dry flowers for longer periods of time, or use dried flowers for other useful applications and uses, you might want to consider using silica gel to simplify and efficiently achieve the desired drying levels you want for the flowers and varieties you are using.

Though there are various different methods to achieve drying and preserving of flowers, using silica gel is a far more simpler and easier way to dry them out as silica gel is a highly porous and favored choice among DIY enthusiasts and other industrial processes if done on a large scale.

But to achieve this end result, and use dried flowers for your application, you need to first understand, how to use silica gel for drying flowers. Since Silica gel is a desiccant material that effectively absorbs moisture, it is a preferred option for the drying of flowers and other sensitive plants. It is a safe and sustainable material, and does not contain any toxic or reactive compounds, making it an ideal choice for flower drying.

Dried flowers such as dried roses, chamomile, hibiscus, and many other varieties are used in the making of scents, essences, powders, medicinal products, pharma products, as well as homely health remedies. Thus drying flowers efficiently is important to

How to efficiently use silica gel to dry flowers?

The process to dry or preserve flowers is pretty simple and easy, when you use a functional and efficient drying material such as silica gel. Since activated silica gel has high adsorbent properties, and it can adsorb contaminants, moisture, water, humidity from the surroundings, the moisture contained in the fresh flowers can be efficiently adsorbed when you use silica gel for the process.

To start with the process of drying fresh flowers, you can collect and place the fresh or used flowers in a bag or container. You can use all kinds of flowers of your choice, such as roses, other medicinal flowers, and fragrant varieties. You need to make sure that the flowers are fresh and void of any damage, infestation, and insects, as this may hinder the quality of the dried flowers.

The collection of flowers and roses need to be prepped in advance by trimming the stems to the desired length, and then also remove any excess leaves and foliage, as they may retain moisture.

Before beginning the drying process, Silica gel needs to be added at the end of the airtight container, as a desiccant bed, of up to a 1-inch layer, and now carefully place the prepped flowers in the container, ensuring they do not touch each other or the sides of the container, leaving no gap for airflow.

Next, sprinkle silica gel or silica sand over the flowers, making sure all parts of the flowers are covered, and making sure the gel is filled into all tight spaces. There should not be any vacant spaces, this will make sure there are no gaps for air or moisture to enter the container during the drying process, and the flowers can dry out effectively.

The drying process can typically take 2-4 days, depending on the thickness of the flowers, and leave the container undisturbed. The drying time will vary depending on the size of the container and the moisture content of the flowers that you are using. If they are not dried as per desired levels, leave them in the silica gel for longer.

You can periodically check the flowers for dryness levels and the progress of the drying process, by carefully opening the container, and letting them dry completely and fully before removing them. You can confirm that they are fully dried, if they visually look dried, and feel crispy and dry to the touch.

Next, gently remove the dried flowers from the silica gel, onto a sieve, or container that can be used to separate the silica gel from the dried flowers, by being careful not to damage them. Make sure to remove any remaining silica gel from the petals and crevices of the container and flowers content, by using a soft-bristled brush.

When you use activated silica gel to dry flowers, this efficient method that preserves the natural colors and shape of the flowers you are using. Once the flowers are dried, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, dust, humidity, and moisture to help preserve them for longer periods of time. This will help to preserve the color and shape of the flowers for years to come. You need to handle the preserved flowers with care once dried, as they are brittle and can break easily, so store them well for longer use. 

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