Silica Gel Breather Transformer – The Functions and Significance Revealed
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 26-12-2019

Silica Gel Breather Transformer – The Functions and Significance Revealed

The malfunction or failure of several transformers can be directly attributed to the lack of proper management of the water vapor level that enters a particular device. It is crucial, therefore, that a low moisture level is maintained in the given area for avoiding any deterioration in the insulating properties of the medium, which is to be cooled. Silica Gel Breather Transformers offer a viable and effective means of controlling the humidity level. A breather transformer is filled with self-indicating and powerful desiccants made up of silica gel that changes color from time to time.

These breathers are specifically designed to permit the rapid and simple positioning of the desiccant charge. For ensuring the smooth functioning of a transformer, it’s important that the air moisture is resisted during the process as any amount of moisture can prove to be really harmful for the insulation of the transformer. A silica gel breather is used here for filtering the air from this moisture. This tool is connected to a small conservator tank through a breathing pipe.

The silica gel breather transformer is simple and minimalistic in terms of its design. This is a simple silica gel pot through which a certain amount of air passes, allowing the transformer to breathe. This silica gel is a very good absorber of moisture and it is, therefore, used around the world for keeping transformers in good working conditions. Silica gel crystals have the capacity of absorbing moisture from the air and this is why the dust particles too get trapped at the initial level so that no harm is done to the transformer.

What is Transformer Breathing?

As soon as the load on a transformer increases, the insulating oil of the transformer gets pretty heated up and also gets expelled out into the tank, which is present at the top of the transformer. This is the breathing out process of the transformer which is efficiently monitored and maintained using silica gel breathers.

Silica gel crystals

Major Uses

The incoming air that enters the transformer during the breathing process might comprise of a lot of dust and dirt, which need to be removed in order to prevent any harm. Therefore, this air is made to pass through the breathers so that just the dry air, which is free from dust, enters the transformer. The uses of these breathers are immense and a number of manufacturing units around the world are taking them up nowadays.

The silica gel breathers offer an effective and economical means of upholding the moisture level. The significance of the silica gel breather transformer is immense and it is expected that its demand will surely increase in the near future.

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