A Complete Guide on Silica Gel and How to Differentiate a White, Blue and Orange Silica Gel

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
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Silica gel is one of the highly efficient and most commonly used desiccants. These are typically found in small “beads” form, are an amorphous form of silica (SiO2 xH2O) that are highly porous. Silica gel works well at ambient temperature that can go up to 105 °C. But as the temperature goes above 105 °C, these desiccants slow down and expel its moisture back into the atmosphere. It has the power to absorb up to 40% of its weight in water.

There are two types of silica gel; Indicating and non-indicating. Indicating silica gel are the ones that aid in the rapid detection of moisture saturation by changing the color. Thus, indicating the need for recharge or replace. Indicating silica gel comes in two colors; Orange and Blue. Whereas non-indicating silica gel is white in color and doesn’t provide a way of determining the moisture saturation levels. In this article, we will build a deeper understanding and differentiate a white, blue and orange silica gel.

White Silica Gel

 In silica gel white, the particles are not impregnated with any indicating agent. When moisture-free these beads or crystal appear to be transparent. Upon moisture saturation, they turn milky or hazy white. This is the most commonly used desiccant for commercial purposes and is used in compressed air dryers and to protect vitamins, electronics, pharmaceutical products, etc. from moisture.

Orange Silica Gel

 In silica gel orange, the particles are impregnated with an indicating agent called methyl-violet that gives the color orange to it. Once these beads or crystals reach the maximum adsorption capacity, the orange color turns into green. Orange silica gel is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It finds application in compressed air dyers, breathers, non-consumable packages goods.

Blue Silica Gel

In silica gel blue, the particles are impregnated with an indicating agent called cobalt chloride. The cobalt chloride gives these bead/crystals a deep-blue color that upon reaching adsorption capacity changes into pink color.

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