Blue Silica Gel Beads- Applications And Features
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 04-12-2019

Blue Silica Gel Beads- Applications And Features

Silica Gel, an Amorphous Form of Silicon Dioxide having well-known application in moisture adsorption in nearby ambiance. It works on the principle of adsorption i.e. capture moisture in its surface. One of the indicative forms of Silica Gel is Blue silica Gel impregnated with cobalt chloride for visual alert and alarm for replacement.

Indicating Blue Silica Gel changes its color changes to light Pink from Dark Blue, slowly and gradually when reaches to Saturation level. This color indicative Silica Gel can be applied in a different way such as either indirect or Indirect Contact.

Applications And Features:

In Direct Contact, this blue Indicating Silica Gel desiccant directly placed along with product to be dried out or free from moisture content such as application like Seed (Non Eatable) drying for storage, research or export, Flower drying for aesthetics, Leaf drying for institutional activity or moisture level balance, Hearing aid instrument box, magnifying and high budgetary Camera lens box etc.

Indirect Contact refers to the application of Blue Silica Gel for such application where this will not be in contact with actual products such as Desiccator, Ozone air dryer or Filter, Gear Box desiccant Tubes, Transformer Breathers, Air Dryer Column, etc. which facilitate dry or de-moisturized air to the final product.

On regeneration it retains its original color i.e. Blue from pink but it is known to be hazardous and toxic in nature due to its cobalt content hence nowadays it is replaced by Silica Gel orange beads having organic dye as an indicator which converts to Blackish green on reaching to equilibrium stage indicating no more adsorption capacity and hence alert for replacement or regeneration.

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