Brilliant Ways to Use Silica Gel in 5 Different Industry’s
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 12-11-2019

Brilliant Ways to Use Silica Gel in 5 Different Industry’s

For any application at Industry level, the adsorbent should be compatible, generable and cost-efficient. Characteristic Feature of adsorption makes Silica gel an optimal adsorbent assuring the quality of the product in many Industries. Industries such as in gas refineries, splitting off Hydrogen and Purification of Methane from natural gas and biogas, require Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) in which, gases are separated under pressure based on the adsorption of a gas by Silica gel with the large surface area and fine pores. On the other hand, in gas phase applications, pre-treatment of the adsorbent at about 200 degrees is especially required. Even in Air drying Industries and air separation, PSA technology comprising of Silica Gel is considered as the best because of its great flexibility and adsorbent productivity. In PSA technology, two columns of adsorbent are required to separate the desired gas from a mixture of gases under applied pressure in which one column remains in an adsorbent phase and the other column in a regeneration phase. Apart from refineries, PSA technology complying of adsorbent is also used in Defence for (Nuclear Biological and chemical) NBC protection of military facilities and industry sectors.

Applications of Silica Gel in Different Industries

1. As a Refrigerant in Industrial Adsorption Systems

Silica Gel uses are not only confined to Gas refineries but also used in ancillary applications such as in Gas Chromatography techniques, in refrigerants, in dew point reduction for natural gas, drying of Liquid Hydrocarbons. It is used as a refrigerant as the refrigeration cycle consists of a solid adsorbent bed, evaporator and condenser which help in storing vaccines and food items. The most common adsorption pairs in refrigeration is said to be Silica Gel and water because both are thermodynamically efficient. The use of Silica gel water adsorption chillers has also been commercialized in Industrial adsorption systems.

2. Foot Wear Industries

Footwear is designed to meet the needs in different climatic conditions. Accordingly, the storage of such footwear till the arrival of the next climate has become an issue of concern. As the footwear is made up of leather, they are much prone to mold formation if any moisture present in the surrounding. Therefore removal of moisture helps in preventing the damage to the footwear. Even wearing of shoes produces dampness within the shoe and leads to deterioration of the shoe. Therefore to protect them from deterioration, placing desiccant sachets containing adsorbent along with them in closed boxes is in practice. As such Silica gel uses for shoes are available in white packets which intend to retain the durability of the shoes and other footwear made of leather. Therefore this has found a way of application in Footwear Industries for brand new packaging of the footwear.

3. Protection of Lens in Cameras

Therefore, the formation of moisture inside the cameras results in damaging the picture quality which can be avoided only by placing the desiccants in sachets after cleaning. This avoids fogging the lens of the camera by adsorbing the moisture and water either formed by condensation or remained during cleaning the underwater cameras. Any range of Silica Gel for camera lenses can be used to protect from moisture.

4. As a Dehydrating Breather in Power Industries

A transformer is an electrical equipment consisting of many parts among which Dehydrating breather is said to prevent the entry of moisture or water into the oil, thereby preventing the degradation of oil and maintains the insulation capability. More commonly, silica gel blue is used for this purpose. These Dehydrating breathers are filled with Silica gel for Transformer suppliers that is blue in color when dry and turn to pink after complete saturation indicating the time of replacement of it in the breather. Saturation is mainly because of the insulating oil which undergoes deterioration due to the adsorption of moisture from the air and thereby results in dielectric breakdown. The ideal method to avoid deterioration is by using a membrane on the surface of the oil, which acts as a dehydrating breather. Silica gel breather not only absorbs moisture but also avoids oxidation of the insulating oil. Transformer Silica Gel breather is available in seven sizes for electrical applications to meet larger requirements.

Desiccant blue to pink

5. In Medicinal Industries

Pills and medicines that are in solid form and packed in bottles contain small sachets inside. These sachets size depends on the type of bottle or container containing the medicines related to Vitamins, protein powders and many more. Silica gel in medicine bottles being non-toxic is capable of absorbing moisture that enters during packaging, usage and is also said to control the odor of the medicine. Therefore, its usage has found a way in Medicinal Industries too.

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