Orange Indicating Silica Gel Beads | An Environmentally Safer Alternative
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 26-12-2019

Orange Indicating Silica Gel Beads | An Environmentally Safer Alternative

The demand for moisture desiccants is reaching the sky. So far, there is no better way out to prevent products that are vulnerable to moisture and humidity from getting spoiled or damaged. While such kind of damage causes a large amount of loss for the company, on the other hand, the reputation of the company is also put at stake. In order to avoid such difficulties, all types of organization especially, those needs to deal with transportation are opting for this strategy to use these desiccants in their packaging.

It is frequently observed that different types of products (mainly food products and medicines) get damaged in a packaged state due to moisture and humidity. The humidity can easily spoil the natural flavor and essence of food products and also can cause some sorts of chemical reactions for the medicines which may result in losing the effectiveness of those drugs. These adverse impacts can only be diminished once we manage to dry out the place from that moisture and humidity that are naturally present in nature.

Acquiring the help of desiccants is the most appropriate choice for such situations. And when the context of desiccants has arrived, the name of indicating silica gel orange comes quite naturally. All the different types of silica gel have great absorbing power and to speak the truth, the orange variant seems to work more effectively than the others. This absorbent can desiccate moisture, humidity, water vapor and other substances that may cause damages to the packaged products. This is the reason why you will often come across that the packets or sachets of this gel desiccate are used within everything. Be it the packages of leather shoes, new mobile phones and in the packages of semiconductors as well.

The absorbing capacity of silica gel orange beads is huge. It can soak up the moisture of about 40% of their body-weight. The desiccant contains an organic substance as the indicating agent along with the ability to remove as much as possible moisture from the air. It is indicating because the orange color gets transformed into green when saturated with moisture or water molecules. The desiccant is generally formulated with silicon dioxide (SiO2) and contains no foreign impurities like; chlorides, sulphates and other types of organic materials. The most enticing fact about indicating silica gel orange is that the absorbing capacity of this desiccant can be revived by heating up the substance at a specified temperature. So, now you have the solution to fight against the vulnerability of products caused by moisture and humidity.

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