Seven Important Uses of Silica Gel Beads
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 20-11-2019

Seven Important Uses of Silica Gel Beads

Among all the desiccants available in the market, Silica Gel is the most popular. It is mainly used for its high absorption quality as well as a large surface area. The Silica Gel is mainly available in the following forms – beads, balls, and granular form. Silica Gel beads are mainly packed along with items like shoes, electronic goods, clothes and sometimes snacks. They absorb all the excess moisture present in the closed spaces thus making sure that the packed products are not affected by the presence of moisture.

Silica Gel beads are available as indicating as well as non-indicating. Indicating includes Silica Gel blue, Silica Gel orange and Silica Gel pink among others. While there are many Silica Gel applications, in this article we will take a look at the seven most important uses of the desiccant:

• Moisture Absorption in Various Industries: Silica Gel has a very important function as a dehumidifier. Silica Gel dehumidifier is widely used for moisture and water drying, cutting across industries. These include oil and natural gas, air conditioners, food processing, electronic goods, and pharmaceuticals. Here, the Silica Gel humidifier will absorb all the moisture present in the system, thus ensuring the proper functioning of machinery.

• In Transformers: Transformers make use of Silica Gel blue beads to make sure that no moisture molecules hamper their proper functioning. In the breathing process, air flows inside and outside the transformer through the expansion and contraction of the oil present inside. The presence of moisture will hamper the smooth functioning of the transformer. This is where the role of Silica Gel beads becomes important as it will absorb all the moisture.

• Aviation Military Equipment: Silica Gel also has an important role in the aviation military sector. It is used to keep all military equipment moisture-free as moisture will have a very harmful effect on the equipment and may even hamper its functioning.

• Bulk Dehydration Process: Silica Gel beads are the best option if one wants to undertake a dehydration process on a large scale. One can easily use a Silica Gel dehumidifier as it has high absorption qualities and can take in more moisture over a larger area.

Silica Gel Orange

• Keep Engines Moisture-Free During Storage: When small engines are not being used and are kept in storage then there are chances of moisture molecules accumulating. This can prove harmful to the engines. So it is advised to use silica gel beads to remove water vapor from the engines in order for them to work properly.

• Air Conditioners: Silica Gel blue or Silica Gel orange must be placed with air conditioners in order to ensure that moisture molecules do not affect their working. Water vapor present in air conditioners does not spell good news for the latter.

• Keep Tools Oxidation-Free: Make use of Silica Gel crystals in your tool box. The Silica gel will absorb all the moisture present in the toolbox and keep it dry. A dry toolbox will also prevent against oxidation of the tools.

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