Silica Gel Blue- Best Choice as Transformer Breathers
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 04-12-2019

Silica Gel Blue- Best Choice as Transformer Breathers

While using transformers, it is highly important that they function properly to yield the best results. Transformers can stop functioning because of a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons behind the non-functioning of transformers is a failure to control how much moisture is entering the transformer. The presence of excess levels of moisture in the transformer can adversely affect its functioning. To ensure that the transformer is working properly, it is highly essential that the correct levels of humidity are maintained inside the equipment. Low levels of moisture must be ensured in the air space atop the conservator tank. This measure safeguards the insulation function of the cooling medium from the ill-effects of excess moisture.

What is Transformer Breathers?

It is in order to avoid such kinds of problems that transformer breathers are extensively used. A transformer breather works to ensure that the right amount of moisture enters the conservator tank, while the cooling medium undergoes volume changes. Transformer breathers are also needed if airspace changes volume, due to temperature differences.

Transformer breathers are useful in keeping the free air volume atop the conservator tank very dry. This moisture-free atmosphere will help the transformer function better and improve its performance and life.    

Silica Gel Blue Beads as Transformer Breather

One of the most commonly used transformer breathers is Silica Gel, which is a high-performance adsorbent. In the market, Silica Gel Blue Beads are the most preferred type of transformer breather. The Silica Gel transformer breather usually consists of an aluminum top and bottom, fitted with a transparent central area filled with Silica Gel. It also has a clear view of the oil cup. The blue bead Silica Gel is preferred because it changes color as the adsorption process begins functioning. The changing color is a good indicator of how well the transformer breather is functioning.

How does the Silica Gel Breather work?

The working of the Silica Gel breather is explained as follows – At the beginning of the breathing process, the air is passed through the Silica Gel breather. The Silica Gel blue beads will absorb all the humidity present in the air and ensure that only dry air will pass on to the transformer. As the Silica Gel absorbs the moisture, its blue color will change to pink till it becomes saturated. The transformer breathers are also equipped with an oil cup, which collects the dust particles if any.

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