Silica Gel Indicating: An Excellent Absorber of Moisture and Humidity
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 05-12-2019

Silica Gel Indicating: An Excellent Absorber of Moisture and Humidity

While unpacking a well-packaged item, you must have noticed a small packet inside the box. This small packet is called silica gel sachets and it is a desiccant. It has the capability to absorb all the moisture and humidity present in the air and keep the item absolutely dry and humidity-free. It can soak the water vapor as well and this can cause the limitation of growing mold and prevent the spoilage in leather products and foods like pepperoni. More so, this can cause enough damage to the electronic products as well. If a bottle of Vitamin contains any moisture vapor and is cooled rapidly, chances are the moisture will ruin the pills. That’s why; you will find these small silica gel packets in every product that may get damaged with excess moisture and condensation.

Silica gel desiccants are granular substances that are made up of silicon dioxide and sodium silicate. Though we call it as a gel but the desiccant is basically available in the form of translucent and hard granules. These desiccants even can absorb water of around 40% of their body weight. You will find different versions of this traditional blue silica gel such as; white silica gel, orange silica gel, etc. And today, we’ll concentrate on the silica gel orange beads.

Primarily, you’ll find no visual physical change when a standard silica gel becomes saturated. But, the orange gels change its color to pale yellow when saturated. The orange silica gel doesn’t contain Cobalt Chloride similar to Blue and Pink silica gel. This indicating silica gel will turn from orange to dark green when it is 60% absorbed with moisture. Though it is mentioned in the packet to throw it away after the use, you can keep them for a variety of domestic uses as well. You’ve already read that these desiccants are substance that can absorb moisture and humidity present in the nature and this is why these sachets can help you rescue your wet cell-phone, you can slow down the tarnishing of your silverware and tools, you can use these silica gel packets to prolong the longevity of the jack-o’-lantern and as the molecules of the gel can soak the moisture and prevent bad smell as well, you can use these gel sachets in the Gym locker to get rid of the dreadful odor.

As per the instructions, mentioned over these silica gel packs, you need to throw away the pack but, the truth is, if you feel that the absorbing quality is running low, you can reactivate the absorbing quality of these packets by heating the granular in an open container on the oven. You need to maintain the temperature between 110-1150C. When the indicating granules will return to its original color, which is orange, let the silica gel for cooling and store it in a sealed container till the time you are ready to apply that for further use.

Therefore, it is now clear to you why these desiccant silica gel packets are vastly used to package anything that has a tendency to get spoiled with moisture and other wet molecules.

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