Use Silica Gel Pouches to keep Guns Moisture Free
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 02-12-2019

Use Silica Gel Pouches to keep Guns Moisture Free

Mostly found in beaded, balls and granular form, Silica Gel is a popular desiccant, mainly used to maintain proper moisture levels in packages and shipping containers. It mostly finds use in industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, storage and transportation, petroleum, oil, and natural gases. Here it is employed to remove all the extra moisture present in the surroundings as this humidity will prove harmful for the packed products and adversely affect the proper functioning of the machinery.

Coming to Silica Gel, it is a highly porous, granular, type of silicon dioxide, synthetically produced from sodium silicate. Silica Gel is sold in the forms of beads, balls, and granules, which are placed alongside packed products to ensure that the humidity inside the closed packages is within the optimum levels. Maintaining the proper humidity levels is very important because any variance in the moisture will adversely affect the products packed inside. In most cases, where Silica Gel sachets are not used, the products have found to be rendered spoilt and unusable when the packages/containers are opened.

We will now take a look at the structure of Silica Gel. Made from a naturally found mineral, the Silica Gel desiccant has a pore size of 2.4 nanometers and a strong inclination towards moisture molecules. Another important characteristic of Silica Gel is its large surface area, which is said to be around 800 m2/g. This enormous surface area helps the Silica Gel to carry out its desiccating properties to bring out high-quality results.

Different Uses of Silica Gel

One may think that Silica Gel is mainly used for industrial purposes only but that is not true. The silica moisture absorbing packets has many uses in households also. It is used for keeping flowers dry, helping keep mobiles dry if they have fallen into the water, keeping intact old photographs and books. These are just some of the various uses of Silica Gel desiccant in households. In this article, we will take a closer look at using Silica Gel for keeping arms and ammunition moisture-free.

Silica Gel for Keeping Guns Moisture-free

If people purchase guns and ammunition it is very important they take care that the arms and ammunition do not come in contact with moisture. If they are exposed to moisture, it will lead to corrosion of the firearms in the long run. Continued exposure to water vapor will affect the normal functioning of the guns and other ammunition.

The best way to keep your firearms moisture-free is by storing them in Zip-lock packets along with several silica gel sachets. The Silica Gel sachets are designed in such a manner that they will remove all the moisture from the guns. These sachets can also be placed in gun safes and other areas where the former will offer protection not just from moisture, but also condensation, rust and spoilage organisms.

Silica Gel Pouches

The advantages of using Silica Gel are many. The first being one need not spend a lot of money on setting up these Silica Gel sachets. All one needs is easily available bags and Silica Gel sachets. One also does not require electricity to recharge the Silica Gel sachets as they can easily regenerate when they are saturated. All one needs to do is simply heat the saturated sachets at certain temperatures. One can also make use of indicating Silica Gels, which will let one know when it is time to recharge the desiccant by a simple change of color.

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