Using Silica Gel Breather for Substation Equipment For Better Efficiency
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 24-02-2024

Using Silica Gel Breather for Substation Equipment For Better Efficiency

Silica gel being a highly adsorbent desiccant material finds its applications in many industrial applications and processes where there is prime importance of keeping the surroundings dry, clean, and void of moisture and humidity. Silica gel is one of the most effective desiccants for maintaining optimal operation and dry air, thus widely used in the form of Silica gel breather for substation equipment.

Since Silica gel can efficiently adsorb more than 40% of its mass in moisture it can be used as a dependable solution for moisture removal from the air entering the oil filled transformers or the LTC conservator which is important in many processes that deal with substation equipment. This adsorbent property enables silica gel to maintain insulation from water, moisture, and humidity and protect the essential dielectric properties, reduce the cost of oil treatment, and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

The use of silica gel breathers helps prevent moisture from encountering the electrical transformer's insulating liquid, thereby safeguarding the equipment from the detrimental effects of moisture. These detrimental factors can cause structural and functional damage to the various parts and components in the substation workings. Excess amounts of moisture, water, and humidity levels can lead to rust and corrosion of various parts which can also lead to failure or breakdown.

By using the indicating Silica gel variety you to see the saturation of the gel, so you know when it’s time for replacement or regeneration. All in all, silica gel is an essential desiccant for the longevity and performance of your substation equipment.

Characteristics and uses of Silica Gel breather in substation equipment

To protect and safeguard the components, and for the smooth functioning of the substation equipment you can use Silica gel which is available in beads or crystals. You can also use the indicating variety of Silica gel for this application to know when it is fully saturated and needs replacement. The color of the silica gel crystals or beads changes from blue to pink and orange to green  as they absorb moisture.

Since the silica gel material comes in a variety of grades and mesh sizes, it is the best adsorbent solution for air breathers. Based on the precise specifications and quantity needed for the application, you must choose the best silica gel. By limiting the amount of moisture that enters the transformer oil, this adsorbent can increase the breather transformer's efficiency.

Silica gel is used in breather transformers in substation equipment to mainly regulate the moisture content and keep it out of the system. It is mostly helpful in protecting the transformer oil from moisture's harmful effects, but can also be used in protecting transformers, circuit breakers, and other crucial electrical components from the detrimental effects of excess moisture. The orange beads and blue crystals silica gel varieties are widely useful in this particular application.

Because of the color-changing property of the silica gel, it is simple to determine when it needs to be replaced or regenerated. By keeping moisture from coming into touch with the insulating liquid of the electrical transformer, silica gel breathers help protect the equipment from the damaging effects of moisture.

7 benefits of using Silica Gel breather in substation equipment

Efficient moisture control

The primary and most important benefit of using Silica gel breather in the substation equipment is to efficiently control moisture levels and keep the surroundings dry and clean. Silica Gel breathers regulate moisture levels and prevent moisture from entering equipment, especially the transformer oil, from the harmful effects of moisture.

Preserve insulation from water damage.

Silica gel breathers effectively help preserve insulation from water damage and maintain the dielectric strength. Water damage can lead to a shortened life span of components and transformer parts due to moisture in the insulation because it can weaken the dielectric, raise the chance of failure, and speed up the deterioration of permanent insulation. The presence of moisture in the insulation can cause bubbles to develop and also lead to degradation of the cellulose and oil's dielectric strength, and even lead to partial discharge and transformer failure.

A visual indication of moisture saturation

By using the indicating variety of Silica gel in the Silica gel breather for substation equipment, you can easily make out when it is time to replace or regenerate the silica gel material and replace the adsorbent to continue maintaining optimum moisture levels in the substation equipment assembly.

Increased and improved shelf life of equipment

When you use a Silica gel breather in substation equipment, it helps maintain a dry and optimum working environment, void of dust, moisture, humidity, and contamination. This helps improve and enhance the shelf life and working conditions in the substation.

Enhanced working efficiency

Silica Gel Breathers help to keep the insulation system dry. By doing so, the insulation system is less likely to fail and the insulation system does not age as quickly. As a result, the insulation system has a longer shelf life and is less expensive to maintain for longer durations.

The breathers can constantly monitor the moisture content of silica gel and when the moisture level is too low, the breather triggers a regeneration cycle for the material. This way the desiccant material can maintain a dry and effective environment inside the substation.

Reduced maintenance costs and electrical faults

Moisture-related problems can take a lot of time and money to fix. Silica Gel breathers prevent moisture problems in the first place, so you don’t have to spend as much time and money on maintenance. Insulation breakdown due to moisture is one of the main reasons for electrical faults within a substation. By keeping the air dry, Silica Gel Breathers significantly reduces the risk of electrical faults and ensures reliable power transfer and distribution.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Silica gel is also reusable, unlike other desiccant variants. Once the material is saturated, silica gel can be re-used by simply heating, which greatly reduces the waste and environmental impact. Silica gel is also non-toxic, and inert, which means it does not react with its surroundings or substrates with no harmful effects on the environment. Silica gel is a sustainable and affordable solution for substations.

Silica gel breathers in substation equipment provide benefits such as moisture control, insulation preservation, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement. They prevent moisture from entering equipment, preserve insulation, and protect transformer oil. They also reduce maintenance costs and risk aging of insulation systems.

We are leading global manufacturers of Silica gel breather and desiccant materials that protect from detrimental factors such as moisture, heat, dust, humidity, and contamination, and help safeguard your substation equipment for longer durations.

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