Difference Between Orange and Blue Indicating Silica Gel
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  • 15-07-2022

Difference Between Orange and Blue Indicating Silica Gel

What Makes Indicating Silica Gel Stand-Out From Other Desiccants?

Indicating silica gel is unique because it is treated chemically to make the transition possible from one color to another. It absorbs moisture and gradually becomes absolutely drenched in it. This characteristic of indicating silica gel makes it remarkable for absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment it is placed in. Their colors change when the Indicating desiccants are soaked with the surrounding moisture. Hence, indicating to the user that it is high time to replace or recharge the desiccants.

Not only this but Indicating silica gel also has the feature of a rapid detection process that makes it easy for the user to determine the life of desiccants instantly. You can recharge or replace the indicating silica gel when it is out of working efficiency.

And, as the name suggests, non-indicating desiccants do not have this quality to change their color. That is why it makes it difficult for the user to determine the quantity of moisture absorbed by their desiccants. There are two types of indicating silica gel.

Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Orange Indicating silica gel appears orange or yellow when dry or fresh before using it. When the desiccant is completely soaked with moisture and has gained 15 percent more weight, it appears green. Moreover, Orange silica gel is not toxic and is 100% pollution-free. It is environment-friendly and self-sufficient to fulfill all the requirements as a desiccant.

The Orange silica gel is applicable in all the professional sector and domestic requirements where the monitoring of visual control of moisture is a must. For example, its use in compressed air dryers and transformer breathers for the protection and safety of packed goods that are non-consumable. Orange silica gel also plays an important role in drying the flowers and seeds and keeping them safe for a long period.

Precaution: Orange silica gel should be kept away from consumable products and items. It should also be kept away from medications and pharmaceuticals.

The Use Of Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Orange Silica Gel is easily available in the market, and anyone can access it. It has a high rate of absorption. It can also tolerate high temperatures and can be working 65°C.

  • Cleansing the Industrial gases
  • Drying the industrial gases
  • Prevent moisture from packaging material during export consignments
  • Transporting electrical appliances
  • Storage and transportation of leather
  • dehumidification of synthesis products
  • Use in science laboratories
  • Packaging of optical devices and instruments

Blue Indicating Silica Gel

Blue Silica Gel has a translucent to semi-transparent appearance. It looks like a glassy substance. The Blue Indicating Silica Gel is a granule that has been dipped or washed with concentrated cobalt chloride. Cobalt chloride is a very heavy metal salt. Cobalt blue has a deep-blue color when it is dry. When the granule of Blue Indicating Silica Gel is completely soaked with the moisture surrounding the environment, its color changes from blue to pink silica gel desiccant. This transformation indicates that this silica gel must be replaced with the new one or recharged.

This Blue Silica Gel has the same application as the Orange Silica Gel. And it should never be placed in close contact with the consumption items. It should also be kept away from pharmaceuticals and medications.

The Use of Blue Indicating Silica Gel

Blue Silica gel is limited in the market because the European Union bans it. It is banned because of the presence of cobalt, which tends to be toxic in certain environments. Although it has a lower cost than Orange Silica gel, it has an equal performance standard. In addition, other than in European countries, it is accessible.

  • Refrigerating goods
  • Gas drying in the industrial sector
  • Leather and textile goods
  • Purifying natural gases in the industrial sector
  • Storage and transportation of electrical appliances
  • Air- conditioners

Sorbead India is a leading company manufacturing Indicating Silica Gel beads. Silica gel beads of both orange and blue are available in different sizes in millimeters and have the liberty to be present in two or three different shapes. It is also present in mesh. Both silica gels have high absorption power that is quite useful in professional and industrial sectors. 

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