Irregular Silica Gel Best Adsorbents for Dehumidification Application
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 09-12-2019

Irregular Silica Gel Best Adsorbents for Dehumidification Application

Humidity or moisture can easily damage any product. From electronics to food items, if they not stored with dehumidifier they can be ruined easily while the moisture level increases during storage or in transit. Thus it is inevitable to ignore the importance of desiccant dehumidification. For the purpose of dehumidification inside the packing of a product silica gel white beads are used. These beads soak up water to reach a stable position. They proved to be very effective when it comes to eliminating humidity content through direct absorption. These beads are porous in structure hence the water content directly gets absorbed through these pores by keeping the beads intact. Due to this simple phenomenon, these silica gel white beads can be reused again and again.

This procedure of elimination of humidity by this Irregular silica gel for dehumidification is also known as desiccant dehumidification. Desiccants are the substances which are known to absorb the water content around them. The silica gel white can be brought as crystals or beads, Crystals are irregular in shape and beads are spherical. The beads come under the acidic category as their pH level ranges from four to eight. They can be easily used in the packaging of food items as silica gel white is non-toxic in nature.

The particles of silica gel are not infused with any type of indicating agent. When these particles are dry i.e. free from humidity, they are transparent white in color. As they are exposed to moisture, they start absorbing it and gradually the color starts changing to milky or hazy white. Silica gel in a dehumidifier is proved more capable of eliminating moisture than any indicating silica gel and can absorb humidity at higher levels. The mineral component in each granule is around 0.55 to 0.65, it constitutes its bulk density. They are great when it comes to moisture absorption as they can absorb moisture up to 40% of their weight. And can be reused after drying them. The total loss during this drying process is less than 6, hence lasts long once brought. These silica gel white beads or crystals can be used in various industries. The basic use includes cleaning and gradually drying of air and gases. They work as good dehumidifiers. As they don’t get involved in any chemical reaction proves to be best when used in drying analytical samples.

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