Silica Gel Blue Beads – The Ultimate Need for the Industrial Sector
  • By Silica Gel Desiccants
  • 05-12-2019

Silica Gel Blue Beads – The Ultimate Need for the Industrial Sector

Keeping aside the moisture and water of the air is very important in many industrial sectors. Moisture can have a negative impact on many industrial products. This is why different types of moisture absorbers are used. Indicating silica gel is one of the premium absorbers used in the industrial sector. It is also popular as a blue silica gel and is available in different mesh sizes. Some of the advantages of this gel are it doesn’t show any chemical reactions, it is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. It adsorbs a comparatively large amount of water. What is interesting about this gel is that it changes its color while absorbing moisture from the air. It turns purple from blue and then turns to pink from purple. This gel can absorb water more readily than any other liquids or gases simply because of its high affinity to water. But it can also adsorb other substances like hydrocarbons of gasoline range, sulfur, nitrogen elements, CO2, etc. It is used vastly in many industries for different kinds of applications which require high-quality as well as high capacity adsorbent.

Silica Gel Indicating is used in the retail industry for packaging purposes. Various electronics and medical products are packaged using this gel so that moisture can’t cause any sort of damage to the product. It is also used for packaging foods that require a moisture-free atmosphere. It doesn’t cause any changes to the nature and features of the products. Silica gel desiccant packets can be used to prevent mechanical failures as well. In cases where moisture build-up causes mechanical failure, the compressed air is circulated through those packets so that the moisture gets adsorbed. This combined system is used for radio transmission systems as well.

Silica Gel Blue Beads is also used for the preservation of important documents and papers in libraries and in museums. Due to the age of those documents, those are very sensitive to moisture and can be lost its originality or quality when getting in touch with moisture. It is also used in cat litter and storage units where products are stored for long terms. Industries, where these blue beads are used, are air dying industry, pharmaceutical industry, gas industry, food industry and leather and textile industry. And the way its importance and acceptance is increasing, in the coming future this gel may be used in many other industries.

Let’s have a quick look at the vast use of this gel. Dehydration procedure, absorbing moisture from a sealed vessel, refrigeration, air conditioning, purification of natural gas, storing dehydrated foods, electronic equipment packaging, leather product packaging, pharmaceutical products packaging, etc.

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